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In 1939, in anticipation of the Japanese invasion, Antique became a mobilization center. WWII saw an active anti-Japanese guerilla campaign led by Col Macario Peralta and other officers of the 61st infantry Division of the USAFFE (United States Armed Forces in the Far East). The first submarine-born supplies to the 6th Military District (as Gen Douglas McArthur designated the Panay-Negros area) were landed in Libertad, then a barrio of Pandan. Guerillas operated rather freely in Antique, as their mountain bases on Mt. Baloy and Mt. Madya-as were located on the border of the Iloilo and Capiz. Moreover, the Japanese were garrisoned for most of the time in the capital of San Jose.

The Japanese would occasionally sortie north to pursue guerilla forces. The guerilla warning system worked so effectively in evacuating the people from the town centers whenever Japanese columns would venture out of San Jose, that many of the people in Antique could say that they never saw a Japanese soldier during the entire war. The guerilla units maintained a killing field called Badyang, a place where suspected collaborators were executed. Stay-over public officials and traders were most vulnerable to charges of collaboration.

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Mert   Saudi Arabia

4:13am on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 

These WW2 currencies in Antique province is extremely rare of a kind. I'm from Antique province (Panay island) P.I.

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