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Map of Palawan

Palawan consists mainly of a long, narrow strip of land quite separated from the main group of islands.  Also included as part of the province are many small islands and island groupings in the surrounding area.  This island cluster lies a distance to the west of the central and southern main islands of Negros and Mindanao.

Because of its remoteness Palawan was not frequented by many servicemen after WWII; thus, few emergency notes ever came back as souvenirs. For similair reasons of remoteness, supplies of currency could not be sent to Palawan during the war. The only solution was to allow the province and various municipalities to issue currency, which they did - using typewriters and mimeograph machines.

Note - almost all notes from this province were highly valued, typically US $100-$250 for a high grade note.  However, be careful- a great deal of newly made counterfeits are out there.  I have seen a few of these counterfeit notes (mainly Brookes Point), and they are hard to tell from the originals in many cases.

Also see Culion Leper Colony, which produced its own notes under seperate authority, but is part of this province.

Municipalities List

Brookes PointCagayancilloCoron
CuyoDumaranPuerto Princesa

Notes issued by Palawan


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