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During World War Two


The outbreak of WWII disrupted Commonwealth operations. Christians and Muslim officers and men of the military district in Mindanao and Sulu shifted to guerilla activities against the Japanese. A civil government called Free Sulu Government administered activities in the locality. The Japanese Occupation forces established a government in Basilan to govern both Zamboanga and Basilan. The Japanese Occupation of Basilan was rather uneventful; it barely disturbed Yakan society, except in terms of Japanese demand for food for their military.

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Notes issued by Zamboanga


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Arthur c. Eroma   Mandaluyong City

9:41pm on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 

its a very rare currency yuo got there..nice where can i find some of this? i've few collection of uncirculated guerilia or war time currency..:>

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