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During World War Two

During World War Two, the Japanese took over the Philippine Islands (starting the day after the Pearl Harbor attack). The Bataan Death March occurred due to this, and the Philipinos had to endure years of puppet government rule and hostile occupying forces. Many of the soldiers who were not captured by the Japanese either formed or joined resistance (guerrilla) groups. These groups made their own governments and currency. The Japanese government and it's puppet government also issued their own currencies.

The purpose of this site is to document the various forms of currency in use during World War Two in the Philippines. To this end, I have attempted to gather as many scans of the existing notes as I could, and have categorized them on the left. If you have a note that is in far better condition that the one I show, please submit a scan of the note, front and back, to me so that it can be included on this site.

'Republica Ng Pilipinas' was the puppet government that the Japanese put in place.

'Aviator' and 'War' notes can be found under the US Military Issues category.

Municipal and guerrilla military issues can be found under the province in which they were primarily located.

I am currently looking for people who would like to contribute articles on various provinces/municipalities. These articles will be placed under the appropriate area, with attribution.

NOTE: This is *not* a commercial site. The notes listed here are simply scans that were donated by various people, or notes from my own collection. To purchase notes from this period, please refer to my 'links' page for a list of dealers and organizations.

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